Ranked Match

Test your skills against other players with set rules.
The results are uploaded on leaderboards.
If certain conditions are met, replay data of the match can also be uploaded.

Custom Search

In the Search function, you can look for opponents with specific settings and the results are shown in a list.
※If no options are set, it works on default settings.
After a match is made, you are transferred to the ready screen.

Search Options

The following search options are available.

Entry Format
Decide whether you want a pop-up alarm when a search is successful or start the match right away.
Filter by opponent’s territory.
Player Level
Filter by opponent’s level of skill.
Connection Speed
Filter by opponent’s internet connection speed.
Match Completion Rate
Filter by opponent’s match completion rate.

Character Selection

Select the character you want to use in Ranked Match.

Entry (In Queue for Opponent Match)

You can play in other modes while waiting for your opponent in queue for Ranked Match.
While you are waiting, the reminder text is shown on top right corner. When you receive a game invite, it appears on the bottom right corner of the screen
and pressing OPTION Button pauses the current gameplay and starts the match game.
When the match is over, you can return to the paused game and continue playing.

Pausing Entry

You can open the Pause menu with the START Button,
and enable/disable queuing temporarily while in Entry.

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