Izayoi -Izayoi-



Scarlet Justice
Izayoi transform to Gain Art mode.


Freedom Justice
The Zero-Type gauge will regenerate automatically.


Banshee Lancer
During Overdrive, A+B+C+D

Technical Type

Special Attacks

Sonic Saber ↓↘→+A or D(midair also)
Crusade Seraphim α ※1 →↓↘+B(midair also/delayable)
Crusade Seraphim β ※2 ↓↘→+C(midair also/delayable)
Crusade Seraphim γ ※2 ↓↘→+B(midair also/delayable)
Aegis Blade ※1 →↓↘+C(delayable)
▷ Stance cancel Crusade Seraphim, during Aegis Blade A
▷ Strike Fall Crusade Seraphim, during Aegis Blade D
▷ Valkyrie Astraea Crusade Seraphim β,Crusade Seraphim γ during →+D
Mirage Thruster ↓↙←+A or B or C or D(version D consumes 1 Zero-Type gauge)
※Special Attack version D can only be used in Gain Art mode.
※Successful Special Attack in normal mode increases the Zero-Type gauge.

Distortion Drive

Justice Phorizor ↓↘→↓↘→+C
Slaver Trans-AM while in Gain Art mode →↘↓↙←→+D

Astral Heats

Justice of Destiny →↘↓↙←→+C

Stylish Type

Special Attacks

Sonic Saber ↓+SP
Crusade Seraphim β ※2 →+SP
Crusade Seraphim γ ※2 in midair SP
Aegis Blade ※1 SP

Distortion Drive

Justice Phorizor ←+SP

※ You can find the command list for each character in the COMMAND
LIST of the Pause menu.

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