Grim of Abyss Mode

Objective of "Grim of Abyss Mode"

This is a survival mode where the final goal is to obtain Grimoire and skills from the dungeon to upgrade your character
and defeat the boss in the final state of the boss rush dungeon.
There are 8 normal dungeons and 1 boss rush dungeon.



You can level up with the EXP obtained by defeating the enemy.
Leveling up gives player points.
Shows the Grimoire's proficiency.
The skill level up chance increases when extracting skills if the proficiency is high.
Shows the current floor number.
DEPTH increases when landing hits if the opponent is not a boss.
Condition for miniboss to
appear in normal dungeon
When DEPTH reaches a certain number, a miniboss character enters the battle.
You can obtain various items including Grimoires by defeating a miniboss.

Stage Selection


After selecting your character, you can select your stage on the world map.
Every time you clear a stage, you unlock a more difficult stage.
Before selecting the stage, you can strengthen your character at the item shop.

Magic Workshop


Magic Workshop is a place where you can equip Grimoires, allocate player points, and equip or extract skills.
You can obtain Grimoires by defeating a dungeon's boss and skills by defeating other opponents.
You can extract skills from obtained Grimoires and level up your skills, but the you will lose the Grimoire in the process.
In some cases with Grimoires that come with certain skills, there is a chance that the skill will be lost while extracting.


Strengthens the character when equipped.
Each Grimoire comes with different skills.
Allocating player points to the Grimoire upgrades its stats.
Assign to a Grimoire to enable it.
There are various types of skills that can be helpful in making progress in the dungeons.
Skills must be the same or higher rank than the Grimoire to assign to a slot.
Enhanced item
Strengthens the Grimoire's ability.
Can be used to increase the proficiency or stats.

Character Parameters

Increases HP.
Basic attack damage
Increases basic attack damage.
Basic defense
Increases basic defense.
Physical attack damage
Increases physical attack damage.
Physical attack defense
Increases physical attack defense.
Projectile attack damage.
Increases projectile attack damage.
Projectile attack defense
Increases projectile attack defense.

※Can be enhanced with character points, but only within the limits of the Grimoire rank.

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