Character Selection

This screen shows when you have to select a character for the Arcade Mode or Network Mode.

D-pads / Left Stick
Move cursor
B Button
✕ Button
Cancel (Go back)

There are 2 different control types in this series.
[Technical Type] for manual control and [Stylish Type] for simplified control.

※Character colors can be selected after selecting the character.
※In some modes, you can select the stage and the background music after selecting the character.

Control Type: Stylish

The Stylish type is for players who are not familiar with fighting games where special attacks
and combos can be used with simple controls.
You can enable it by pressing the LB Button on the character selection screen
or by moving the cursor to the icon and selecting it with A button.

Advantages of Stylish Type

  1. Series of button presses trigger combos.
  2. One SP button triggers the Special Attack.
  3. Barrier Guard activates automatically.

Button Settings

Move cursor over tA button Settings and press A button to change the button configuration.

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