Tutorial Mode
This is a practice mode for those new to 2D fighting games or the BlazBlue series.
Each character is your teacher and narrates the instructions for you.
You should learn the basics here and get used to the controls.
Training Mode
You can practice basic controls and combos of your character in this mode.
You can configure various scenarios in combat in the Training menu.
Challenge Mode
This mode is where you can challenge yourself to practice character moves and combos.
In this mode, you can put your skills to the test with different missions for each character.
The level of difficulty is pretty high, but you should try to complete all the missions.


Story Mode
Play through Story Mode to uncover the truth about the world of BlazBlue.
Sub(funny) scenarios are unlocked according to your path in game progress.
Every time you reach a checkpoint you can save your progress in Story mode.
To load saved data, return to the Story Selection screen.
This feature provides the meaning of words used in BlazBlue Story Mode and the terms used in fighting game genre.


Arcade Mode
In the Arcade Mode, you can fight against AI characters while playing through the story in the arcade version.
V.S. Mode
V.S. Mode is where you fight against AI characters or other players offline.
Score Attack Mode
The goal is to score high points on a designed match.
You can list your score on Rankings.
Grim of Abyss Mode
Fight against opponents one after another in the normal dungeon to level up your skills and upgrade your Grimoire.
The goal is to reach the lowest level in the boss rush dungeon with the powered up character.
Speed Star Mode
The goal is to clear the series of battles as fast as possible.
You can list your score on Ranked Match.


Replay Theater
You can manage and play recorded battles. Battles you fought online can be saved as replays.
Gallery Mode
You can view various illustrations (event CG, cutscenes, special artwork, etc.), movies.
Item Shop
You can purchase voices and game items using the in-game money.


Ranked Match
Ranked matches are limited to two players per session.
All fights will use the same regulations, and the result of the match is uploaded to the leaderboard.
Player Match
Up to 8 players can join a session.
You can also set various rules to enjoy the battle.
The results are not uploaded to the leaderboards.
View the leaderboard.
D-Code Edit
D-Code (Drive code) is an ID card that has the personal data of the player.
Keep playing online matches and build a unique D-Code of your own.
My Room Settings
You can edit My Room used in Player Match.
Player List
There are different player lists that can be viewed.


Various Options
You can configure various settings for the game.

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