Indicators and Gauges

① HP
Character’s remaining HP.
When this gauge is empty, that character has been defeated.
② Character
The character currently playing.
③ Remaining Time
Time remaining in the round.
④ Control Type
Color of the character’s name indicates the control type in use.
※Stylish: green, Technical: orange
⑤ Victory Icon
The number of rounds that have been won.
⑥ Heat Gauge
It increases when your attacks make contact with the opponent and vice-versa.
It’s a gauge required to use Rapid Cancel,
Distortion Drive, Astral Heat, and Counter Assault.
⑦ Barrier Gauge
The gauge is consumed as the character uses their barrier.
When it is depleted, the character enters “Danger” status.
⑧ Overdrive Icon
This icon indicates whether Overdrive or Break Burst can be used.
It illuminates in yellow when these special moves are available for use while it turns gray when they’re not available.
⑨ Hit Count / Damage
Hit Count, Damage
Shows hits/damages inflicted on the opponent.
Red numbers mean combos that cannot be blocked.
Blue means ones that can be blocked. Number of blocked attacks is shown below.
⑩ System Messages
Indicates the phenomenon currently in effect, such as “Counter”.
⑪ Unique Ability Gauge
Some characters have this gauge when they have unique abilities.

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