Tsubaki Yayoi -Tsubaki=Yayoi-



Charges energy required to enhance special attacks.


Second Install
The Install gauge will replenish automatically.


Macto Lux Kyrie
During Overdrive, A+B+C+D

Technical Type

Special Attacks

①Sanctus Aequum ↓↘→+A or B or C or D(D버전은 ⑤에서 파생 가능)
②Sanctus Veritas ↓↙←+B or D(Derived from ①)
Agnus Dei ↓↓+B or D(Derived from ① or ②)
③Benedictus Rex →↓↘+C or D
④Aequum Eleison In midair ↓↘→+A or D(Derived from ③)
Lux Aeterna In midair ↓↙←+A or B or C or D(Derived from ④)
⑤Lux Macto ←↓↙+A or D
Sanctus Aerolata →↘↓↙←+C
※Enhanced Special Attack version D can be used by consuming 1 Install gauge.

Distortion Drive

Confutatis Maledictis ↓↘→↓↘→+C or D(Drain gauge for Special Attack D)
Macto Maledictis ↓↙←↓↙←+D(midair also/requires 1 or more Install gauge)
Requiem Maledictis →↘↓↙←→+B

Astral Heats

Requiem Aeternam →↘↓↙←→+C

Stylish Type

Special Attacks

Sanctus Aequum →+SP
Benedictus Rex SP
Aequum Eleison In midair ↓+SP
Lux Aeterna In midair SP
Lux Macto ↓+SP

Distortion Drive

Confutatis Maledictis ←+SP

※ You can find the command list for each character in the COMMAND
LIST of the Pause menu.

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