Yuuki Terumi -Yuuki=Terumi-



Force Eater
Performs an attack that absorbs the opponent’s Heat Gauge.


Nightmare Reaper
Drive Attack is enhanced.


Dungeon of Serpents
During Overdrive, A+B+C+D

Technical Type

Special Attacks

Snakebite ↓↘→+D
Retaliating Fang ↓↙←+D
Agonizing Fang ↓↙←+C
Cleaving Fang When opponent is down, ↓↓+C(repeatable)

Distortion Drive

Gleaming Fang ←↙↓↘→+C(midair also)
The Divine Twin Blades →↓↘+B(midair also)
Serpent's Laceration →↘↓↙←+A or B
Screeches of the Condemned ↓↘→↓↘→+A
Serpent's Cursed Sting →↘↓↙←→+D(If there is 50% or more in your Heatu Gauge, it gets depleted after use)
Screeches of the Condemned ↓↘→↓↘→+D or ↓↙←↓↙←+D(Uses 100% Heat Gauge)

Astral Heats

The Unholy Wrath of the Basilisk ↓↓↓+D

Stylish Type

Special Attacks

Snakebite SP
Retaliating Fang →+SP
Agonizing Fang ↓+SP

Distortion Drive

Gleaming Fang In midair ↓+SP
The Divine Twin Blades In midair SP
Serpent's Cursed Sting ←+SP

※ You can find the command list for each character in the COMMAND
LIST of the Pause menu.

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