Player Match

Up to 8 players can join a room at the same time.
Various settings can be configured for the fight and the results are not submitted to the leaderboards.
The Player Room is structured the same as My Room where you can decorate with different furniture and floor designs.
You can edit it using Player Data.

Room Search

Available rooms are filtered according to the conditions set and shown in a list.


This is what the room you will join and set up matches in looks like.
When you join a room where a match is in progress, you wait in the room for a player to fight against.


Fight & Spectate
2 players can battle and other players can watch in this room.
After a match ends, another match starts with the players next up according to the room setting.
Free for All
Everyone in this room participates in the battle.
You cannot watch other players battle here.
Training Room
2 players can practice and other players can watch in this room.
Only 1P player can configure the training menu and reset settings.
Replay Theater
This room is where all the players can watch replays.
The host player can select and play the saved replays.
The rest of the players can save the replays they watched.

Text Chat / Preset Phrases / Emoticons

The Text Chat feature can be used to freely talk with the players in the room.
Preset Phrases are a fixed selection of sentences you can use for fast communication.
Can be used to easily share thoughts about the match or advise players on the battle.
You can send Emoticons to other players in the room.

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