Kagura=Mutsuki -Kagura=Mutsuki-



Black Gale
Transitions into his stance. While in stance, Special Attacks unleash follow-up attacks.


Vehemence Edge
This allows you to stance cancel as many times as you please during a combo.


Dark Flame of the Bellowing Dragon
During Overdrive, A+B+C+D

Technical Type

Special Attacks

Stance D(midair also)
▷ Dragon Blast Stance during A
▷ Dragon's Claw Stance during B
▷ Dragon Slaughter Stance during C
↓Stance ↓D(midair also)
▷ Dragon Strike ↓Stance during A
▷ Dragon's Blade ↓Stance during B
▷ Dragon's Dual Strike ↓Stance during C
→Stance →D(midair also)
▷ Dragon's Fang →Stance during A
▷ Dragon's Mirage →Stance during B
▷ Sky Dragon's Strike →Stance during C
▷ Stance cancel During various stances ←+D(midair also)
Dragon Spirit ←charge→+A or B
Dragon's Ascent ↓charge↑+B or C
Dragon's Dance In midair or during Dragon's Ascent ↑charge↓+C

Distortion Drive

Supreme Dragon's Inferno ←charge↙↓↘→+C
The Dragon Lord's Striking Fang Stance during ↓↑+D(midair also)

Astral Heats

Black Dragon's Sky-Rending Blade ↓↘→↓↘→+C

Stylish Type

Special Attacks

Dragon Spirit → or ↓+SP
Dragon's Ascent SP
Dragon's Dance In midair SP

Distortion Drive

Supreme Dragon's Inferno ←+SP

※ You can find the command list for each character in the COMMAND
LIST of the Pause menu.

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