You can do various actions using the D-pads and the control buttons.
The representative actions and combat mechanics are introduced below.
You can take a closer look at other actions and combat mechanics in-game in the Tutorial Mode.


A+B+C+D Button


This move temporarily enhances each character’s unique ability, consuming your Overdrive gauge.

The Overdrive Icon (Overdrive gauge) is required for unleashing an Overdrive or Break Burst.

It’s yellow when it’s ready and gray when it’s not available.

Overdrive gauge will fill over time and when it’s full it’d be ready for use.

The less HP there is, the longer it lasts and when it’s in use, the counter stops.


During OVERDRIVE, A+B+C+D Button


It's a powerful attack that can be triggered during [OVERDRIVE].
[OVERDRIVE] ends after using the attack.

It boosts the damage and effects if used during [ACTIVE FLOW].



공격을 맞추거나, 히트 게이지를 사용하는 등
적극적인 행동을 많이 하면 [Active Flow] 상태로 돌입합니다.
이 상태에서는 공격력이 향상되며, [오버드라이브]를
다시 사용할 수 있을 때까지의 시간이 단축되는 등, 유리한 환경을 만들 수 있습니다.

Actions that help activate Active Flow:


←+A+B Button

This move depletes your Barrier gauge in exchange for a slightly stronger guard.
Using the Barrier Guard has certain advantages, such as blocking attacks that can’t be normally blocked in midair, and avoiding chip damage from special attacks.
As long as you maintain your Barrier Guard, your Barrier gauge will deplete.
When the Barrier gauge reaches 0, your character will be in the “Danger” state, their defense will be drastically lowered,
and Barrier Guard will be unavailable until the gauge is restored.


Press ←+B+C or →+B+C near your opponent

Pressing B+C at the same time near your opponent will execute a Throw on your opponent.
Throws cannot be blocked, but you must be close to your opponent to successfully land one.


Press B+C

If your opponent attempts to perform a Throw on you, pressing B+C the moment you are thrown will allow you to perform a Throw Escape, releasing you from their grasp.
However, Throws that counter hit an opponent or special command Throws (when performed correctly), cannot be escaped.
You must attempt a Throw Escape at exactly the right time—too soon, and you will be unable to avoid your opponent’s Throw.
[THROW ESCAPE] is not possible in the following situations.

Throw Counter
When it's a hit registered by countering a [THROW]
Throw Escape Miss
When [THROW ESCAPE] is entered before the opponent's [THROW] is registered.


When you get hit in air, hold down A, B, or C (+ ← or → or neutral)

Recover from the damage received while in the air.
You can recover while moving forward or backward by pressing → or ←.
[Aerial Roll] timing depends on the hits received.


Right before you are knocked down, hold A, B, or C to recover from the attack.

You can get your stance straight as soon as you touch the ground.
Some attacks do not allow [Emergency Roll] afterwards.


When you are knocked down, hold A, B, or C (+← or ↓ or → or neutral) to wake up

While you are knocked down, you will be defenseless against enemy attacks.
Pushing the stick in different directions allows for different kind of wake-ups.

D-pad ← or →
Wake up by moving forward or backward.
D-pad ↓
Wake up on the spot.
Wake up by rolling from the spot.


During guard →+A+B

This move consumes 50% of your Heat gauge, but initiates a counterattack from a blocking stance.
This move will cause different actions for each character, such as unleashing an attack or taking evasive action.


The moment your attack lands or is blocked, A+B+C

This will consume 50% of your Heat gauge.
“Rapid Cancel” will forcibly interrupt the animation of your current action and return the character to a neutral position, from which they can perform another action.


Using a Distortion Drive consumes 50% of your Heat gauge and activating one during an Overdrive will create even a bigger impact.


Astral Heats are ultimate attacks that tap into a hidden power of your character. If your Astral Heat hits its target, your victory is assured.
It’s available only when all the conditions shown below are satisfied, and requires a different set of commands for each character.

When all the conditions below are satisfied, the icon of your character will start flashing, indicating Astral Heat is ready to be unleashed.


A+B Button

This is a Guard Crush which consumes 25% of your Heat gauge and holding down A+B button simultaneously will delay its occurrence.
Landing this move on an opponent on guard will induce a Guard Crush; however, it can be blocked with a Barrier Guard.


A+B+C+D Button(whileblocking or taking damage)

You temporarily become invincible and and release a shockwave that throws your opponent.
It can only be used while taking damage. After use, the OVERDRIVE icon flashes.
OVERDRIVE gauge lets you know when it can be used again.


In the moment of blocking, press D-pad backwards (same direction as blocking).

Using the D-pad in the moment of taking the hit
activates [Instant Block] and the character glows white.
It takes less time to recover from the block and fills up the Heat Gauge more than normal.


In the moment of blocking, press D-pad backwards (same direction as blocking)+A+B Button.

It activates [Instant Barrier] and the character glows white.
It takes less time to recover from the block and fills up the Heat Gauge more than normal.
If it activates during barrier activation, the barrier will have the same effects as the Instant Barrier.

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