You can view various rankings such as wins, Rebel Points, high scores for Score Attack Mode or players’ D-Codes.
You can also download uploaded replay data.

※Some of your data may be deleted from the rankings if you don’t play within a specific period of time.

Downloading Replay Data

You can download replay data from ranked replay board.
Downloaded replay data can be played in the Replay Theater.


D-Code (Drive code) is an ID card that has the personal data of the player.
hese cards are stored on the server.
Your D-card is automatically created when you first play on Network mode and is updated every time you play online.

About D-Code

Gamertag[Can be edited]
Icon selected by the player.
Online ID & Network Color
Player’s online ID and network color. (See right for meaning of each color.)
Title[Can be edited]
Title set by the player.
Top PSR & Character
Current PSR and the image of the character.
Ranked Match Wins
Ranked match history.
Ranked Match Win Streak
The longest win streak in Ranked Matches.
Player Match
Number of Player Matches played.
Online Lobby Matches Played
Number of Lobby Matches played.
Most Active Time[Can be edited]
Time zone selected by the player.
Last Updated
Shows the last time D-Code was updated.
Quick MSG[Can be edited]
Input by the player to appeal to the opponent before the match.
Downloading Replay Data
If there are any downloadable replays, it is indicated here.

Editing D-Code

You can edit your icon, plate, title, and lobby character in D-Code editing screen.
Keep playing online matches and build a unique D-Code of your own.

PSR (Player Skill Rating)

PSR (Player Skill Rating) is a rating system that can swiftly and accurately determines a player’s skill.
It is calculated separately for every character.
It fluctuates according to wins and losses in Ranked Matches.
The result from matches against players from similar PSR has bigger affect on the PSR.

Network Color

The color indicates the player level.
It is affected by every match on Network Mode.

White (Initial Color)
←Strong Regular Weak→

Editing My Room

You can edit My Room used in Player Match.
You can decorate it however you want using various wallpapers, floors, and furniture.
New furniture can be obtained from spending your P$ or fulfilling a certain condition.

Player List

There are 4 different player lists that can be viewed.

  1. Good player
  2. Bad player
  3. Ranked match
  4. Player match

You can list good players and bad players however you want.

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