Press START Button or A button on the title logo screen to go to the main menu.
Use the D-Pad to select a mode and press A button to confirm.

Saving Data


This game supports autosave.
System data is saved automatically after a match or when changes are made in the Option.
Manual save is also available in the Option.

Game Rules

Match Format
The character that reduces the HP to 0 is the winner and wins the round.
The first to win 2 rounds wins the match.
※Number of rounds to win can be changed in Options.
Time Limit
The time limit for 1 round is 99 seconds.
When the time is over, the character that has the higher HP wins.
※Time limit can be changed in Options.
If both characters reach 0 HP at the same time, or if the match ends with both characters having the same HP,
it is a draw and another round starts.
If the winner is not decided in this round, the final round starts.
If the final round also ends in a draw, the match is recorded as loss for both characters.
In the Arcade Mode, you can play the match again by pressing START button on the Continue screen.


Pressing START button in the middle of a match brings out the Pause Menu.

※Items in the menu vary according to the mode you are in.
The Pause Menu does not pause the gameplay during online play.